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How to get pregnant, and fertility issues

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How to get pregnant, and fertility issues

Posted on 16 February 2013 by hulda

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Good things come to those that mate! Most people – this is a statistic – will get pregnant within a year if they have regular unprotected sex, and so long as they are not too old.

In instant-gratification-city Hong Kong, too many people expect results at the press of a button and Hulda Thorey warns that some couples are rushing off to see fertility experts too soon. “Most young couples will conceive within a year,” she says, “but expecting instant results can cause stress which works against you. Stress has an impact on fertility so being relaxed – and having sex – is the key to getting pregnant for most women.”

Read more about fertility in this recent Playtimes article featuring Hulda and Dr Christopher Haines, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Download the story here, or read the complete magazine here.


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Seasonal breastfeeding challenges

Posted on 08 February 2013 by hulda

How cold weather causes additional challenges for the breastfeeding mother.

I never go away over CNY.  There are reasons for that, firstly it is so much more expensive that it never makes sense to me.  Second, it is quiet and lovely in Hong Kong and you have the roads to yourself, restaurants, if open,  also.

But the main reason is that I am always very busy at work.

And this is in fact a time when being from Iceland is very useful.

When I was a nursing student  in a little town in Iceland, my aunt trained me in all sorts of useful things, including stitching the farmers when they nearly cut of their fingers, all the checkups for the school children, emotional support for isolated mums and more and more.  To my uttermost horror, one day, she insisted that I massaged the breasts of a lady that was a few years older than me and had just given birth to a baby that then refused to suck her breasts.

In those days, breast pumps were only in hospitals and in there, almost an emergency tool.  Looked very much like those that are used for milking cows.  Steel apparatus.

I found myself hesitating to do this massage.  The breasts were red and hard.  No milk came out to begin with.  Then, she showed me how to very gently but firmly get the milk out.  The woman had tears running down her face, she was in so much pain and the baby refused to suck. He could not latch on because the breast was so rock hard that he just slipped.

After massaging for a while, the milk started to come, hot packs helped and slowly the breasts were soft enough to get the baby to suck.

We asked the woman how come this had happened, and she told us that she had been hanging the laundry yesterday, in minus 2 degrees, not properly dressed and there was wind outside.

Her breasts were full of milk and when they contracted in the cold, they simply got clogged and from then onwards, the baby refused more and more to suck.

Breastfeeding in cold weather

mastitis, breast-feeding, newborn, sore breasts

I have not found many research about this particular matter. But since I did live in Iceland for a long time, I had a lot to do with breastfeeding women and it is no doubt that in cold weather, there is more risk of clogged milk ducts.

In Hong Kong, you get visitors over CNY, you go for walks and do things that you perhaps don´t usually do.  Sometimes you are out for longer, and if the weather is cold, – Bingo, you have the Iceland scenario.

Moral of the story:  CNY, unusual routines, cold weather, guests…:  Watch out and make sure to take good care of your breasts.  Wear something warm and watch out for lumps.

And if you get unlucky:  red patches, lumps, fever, baby not sucking, hard breast, pain… Feel free to call, I am in Hong Kong even if everyone else is not.  The number is 62917400.

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