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From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen

Posted on 20 March 2013 by hulda

Is it possible that we sometimes just forget to enjoy the moment, let things unfold on their own?  Sit back and watch.  IMG_2162

It is quite interesting to sit in a group of parents whose children are playing somewhere close by.  All of us are guilty of the same:  constant yelling at our own, “wow you are doing so good”  “no don´t touch that” ” be careful” “why don´t you ….”

Most of it is of course well meant and we are trying to be encouraging even if we really don´t need to, all the child wants is for us to be there, but much of it is pure disturbance and the rest is direction that is simply not needed.

Harch?  Perhaps.  But it is so true that we are always trying to “make” our children do things we think appropriate and good signs of normal development and good upbringing.   “Yes you are walking, how fantastic!”  “but now sit down and play niceley, you are not allowed to go there, or there”.   “…or there”.


Could Cat Stevens be right?


Just a though.

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do you know the truth about motherhood?

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do you know the truth about motherhood?

Posted on 18 March 2013 by Annerley

Do you know the truth about motherhood? I mean, the real truth not the version that is presented in movies and magazine and novels. That version presents a lot of lovely images of sleeping babies and smiling parents and smooth sailing down the path of parenthood … some of which is true. Ok maybe ‘some’ is a slight exaggeration. But it’s not exactly a true and fair representation of what to expect. The reality is a whole different kettle of fish…

Orla Breeze

orla breeze, joyful parenting


Hubby:          “Honey I’m home!”

You:             (jolted awake) “Whaat? Who? Who’s that? Where’s the baby?”

Hubby:          “In the Moses Basket. How could you not know that?”

You:             “Ha ha! Of course I knew that. Just kidding. Am completely on top of this mothering lark!”

Hubby:          “What are you wearing?”

You:             “Oh this? It’s a sleepwear/maternity clothes combo. I’m calling it Majamas. You don’t like?”

Hubby:          “It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s em, different. I’m just wondering why you’re still not dressed at 7pm”

You:             “I am dressed.”

Hubby:          “Ooookaaaaay. So what’s for dinner?”

You:             “Hahahahahahaha! Oh you’re hilarious. Wait, that’s not a joke?”

Hubby:          (Hesitatingly) “No? I mean, yes! Yes, it’s a huge joke! Let me get into the kitchen and throw something together.”

You:             “Excellent. Away you go.”

Hubby:          “Oh my God! Have we been burgled?”

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Orla Breeze is the founder of Joyful Parenting — workshops, evenings and individual sessions focussing on simple and effective ways to create a joyful family life. She runs her workshops in collaboration with us here at Annerley. Orla also writes a humorous column on parenting for Playtimes magazine.



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