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Blooming Bellies – A Natural Birth – Event photos and Review

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Blooming Bellies – A Natural Birth – Event photos and Review

Posted on 20 June 2013 by hulda

Thank you all – guests, speakers, sponsors – for helping us create yet another wonderful Blooming Bellies evening on the 18th June.


Thank you to the guests

Thank you for coming to the evening and we hope that you took much information of value away with you. We are passionate about empowering women to make informed decisions about birth and we hope we have achieved that in the evening. Please take advantage of your free $500 voucher for a consultation with our midwives; we’re sure it will be of value.

Thank you to the speakers

Gianna Buonocore – thank you for sharing your own experience of birth and your parenting challenges. Traditional Chinese Medicine and its application for birth and labour is an area that is not so accessible for non-Chinese speakers and it is fascinating to learn more about the medicine of the area we live in.

Annerley-Blooming-Bellies-Arden-Wong-Michell-HuangArden Wong and Michell Huang – we were honored that you shared your preparation and experience of a homebirth in such an honest, humourous and humble way. Thank you for your suggestions:

  • How practising yoga, exercising and using visualisations techniques helped you to prepare for the birth.
  • To acknowledge the inevitable fear and to face it rather than try to stifle it.
  • Prepare using physical tools, such drawings of labour positions, to support you through labour
  • How the role of the father, especially in a hospital environment, is to support his wife’s decisions and help keep her willpower strong, and to challenge the automated suggestions for medical interventions.
  • Do not feel pressured to have family and friends as guests in the first few days after birth, make this a time of peace and quiet for the new family.

Annerley_Blooming-Bellies-Hulda-ThoreyHulda Thorey – It’s a rare occasion when we get to learn how one of Hong Kong’s most experienced midwives went through the birth of her own four children. Hulda’s recommendations include:

  • Before birth you need to know what you want and why you want it so that it is easier to stick to your plan when alternatives are offered to you.
  • Equip yourself for labour with support tools that will work whatever environment.
  • While you may not be able to control the hospital environment, make your home environment as comfortable as possible to support your body in the early stages of labour.
  • If using the private system, be clear that you are the paying customer and that, within reason, your will should be respected.

Hulda also shared a breathtaking video celebrating a natural birth.


Thank you to the sponsors and partners

who helped spread the word. Have you seen their new site?
TIny Footprints
Tiny Footsteps – who donated the amazing door prizes of the Mima Moon Highchair, cushion set & footrest (valued at $4,135) and an Il Tutto Nico Baby Bag (valued at $2,495). Visit their website for more great baby products.
Yoga Privates
Monica Proctor – Yoga Privates


Jenny Smith - Gecko Yoga
      Mandarin Spa The Mandarin Spa team – for glorious mini manicures and pedicures, the generous door prizes and the wonderful array of goodies that helped stuff the goody bags. Remember that you are in good hands with the Mandarin Spa team

And congratulations to the winners of the Mima Moon Highchair, the Il Tutto Nico Baby Bag, the 4D-Scanning Experience by Annerley, The Annerley Helper Training course.

If only the odds of winning the Mark6 were the same!


View the gallery below from our Blooming Bellies – A Natural Birth event


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Becoming a Dad

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Becoming a Dad

Posted on 17 June 2013 by hulda


“Finding a role in the new family unit isn’t always easy for Dad”

While expectant fathers might be able to visualise themselves chasing a toddler, taking a pre-schooler out for bike rides or coaching kids’ football, the thought of a newborn baby can be daunting.

Dad might never share the same pregnancy experience as Mum, but
there are ways to begin the bonding process ahead of the birth. Seeing an ultrasound is an ideal way to meet the baby ahead of its due date, and
brings the reality of an impending birth and fatherhood home to Dad. And while it’s
common knowledge these days that babies recognise their mum’s voice
from the womb, newer research shows babies register the lower tones of a father’s voice just as much. A newborn will immediately look for the faces to match voices it has learned.

Hulda speaks to Playtimes about the importance of Dad’s role and securing the bond early on. Read the full article in the June issue of Playtimes here: From dude to Dad Playtimes June 2013

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Happy International Homebirth Day


Happy International Homebirth Day

Posted on 06 June 2013 by hulda

midwife care at home - Hong Kong6 June: The purpose of the day is to educate woman that birth is not a medical procedure and solely the domain of doctors;  in most cases birth can happen quite naturally – with support rather than interference. Too often, and especially in Hong Kong, the default choice for birth is a hospital but this need not be the case.

Many people know that at Annerley we are one of the few places in Hong Kong (the only place?) that supports homebirth for mums with a suitable history, but what you should also realise is that we can support women through the early stages of labour  in the comfort and freedom of her own home, transferring mum to the hospital at the optimal time for delivery.

If you arrive at the hospital when you are already 5cm dilated, there is less need or opportunity for pain relief or induction to be offered than if you arrive not dilated at all. The chances are that you will also be home all the sooner.

Homebirths are a  wonderful experience, and every time I am reminded us of how things can be during labour; how having a relaxing, comforting and supportive environment make all the difference in the world.  If we could just recreate this atmosphere in hospitals here, there would be so much good done.  However the truth for the moment is noise, lights, talk, orders and equipment. If you are interested, please read more at the links below.

- Hulda


Read more about one woman’s take on International Homebirth Day here:
 10 Good Reasons to Celebrate International Homebirth Day

Find out more about natural birth at the Blooming Bellies evening

or, read about natural and homebirths on the Annerley blog


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