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Normal, not natural

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Normal, not natural

Posted on 13 March 2015 by Kristrun

Annerley Low 10Annerley is a private organization. We are not innocent, any more than others in such a position, of using catchy titles, promotional texts and other ways of grabbing people’s attention. We do however, try to limit it to no-nonsense and something useful.

It bothers me endlessly how so many concepts seem to have been labelled and commercialized.  Why does everything have to be called something catchy?

Natural birth for example.  I use this term often myself but it really annoys me and I mean to stop it.  It is as used and stretched as “natural” labelling on food products: it does not really represent anything anymore.  And it puts pressure on people to perform in a “natural” way or else… What does natural stand for in labour, for example?

Can we please just call vaginal births NORMAL BIRTHS?  And natural parenting, what is that?  Normal parenting please.  The extremes of this world are starting to annoy me so much. It makes life too hard for us all. There is so much hypocrisy in it anyway.  How can you be all natural in one aspect of your life and the rest is all screwed up?  What is the point of it anyway?

And then there are the definitions.  “I failed to do Hypnobirthing” someone said to me the other day.  “What a load of nonsense,” I said.  There is no such thing as failing in, for example, Hypnobirthing.  It is just a method that you can use the way you choose, even if someone has labelled it and trademarked it.  Same for “Baby-Led Weaning”.  It does not have to be all or nothing, or else you have failed in the method.  There is nothing natural about this all anymore, just pressure to follow someone’s instructions as if they were a god and desperate to get all the credit, and income, from it.

In my opinion, average is good.  Normal is great. Natural…I am not so sure.

From the grumpy corner,


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