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My baby is crying

My baby is crying

Posted on 04 August 2016 by Kristrun

crying baby tongueOne way for a new-born baby is to express him/her is through cry, and therefore crying is considered normal. Usually there is a reason for why the new-born cries however; he/she is telling us that something is wrong: hunger, tiredness, wet diaper, cold, pain, – or most commonly that he/she just wants you to be there.

Different types of cry:
Although sometimes this is hard in the beginning, parents usually quickly learn to know different types of cry. The cry because of hunger somehow sounds different from the cry from someone that wants attention. Some babies cry more than others and some stop immediately when you either pick them up or feed them, while others will always take time to recover.

What should you do?
Even though your baby does not stop crying immediately when you cuddle him/her, they can still feel the security of your presence, and often this is what they are really longing for, just like kittens do when they cuddle up with their mum in the early days.
If the cry does not stop, you can try to change the nappy, or see if the baby is either too hot or cold. Of course hunger is also often the reason for cry, and you must ensure that the baby has been fed well. If you have difficulties knowing when the baby has fed enough, you can always contact the midwife or lactation consultant to help you out.

If your baby cries without any obvious reason for extended periods (more than