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5 things to know about giving birth in Hong Kong – public private health care – published in Localiiz

Posted on 16 October 2016 by Kristrun


“There are several key things to consider when making the decision on where to give birth in Hong Kong; factors which may come into play might be your medical history, previous experience, cost and insurance, where you live, and how you would prefer your birth to be. However, before you can reach that decision, it’s helpful to understand that there are two systems available in Hong Kong – public and private – and there are significant differences between the two.

In short, the Government system offers comprehensive maternity care for high and low-risk mothers for a minimal cost, usually less than $500. This care includes antenatal checkups, the necessary tests and ultrasounds (as determined by the Health Authority), care during labour and delivery, and postnatal care for your and your baby. This system also provides access to district maternal health clinics, where you can have your antenatal and baby checkups, as well as the hospitals themselves. You will usually be assigned a hospital depending on where you live. The private system, on the other hand, offers the same care for any low and medium risk cases, but with a greater scope on how you deliver your baby and who will be present at the birth…..”

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