Being a natural mother: Postnatal depression and the baby blues

Posted on 13 July 2013 by hulda


Playtimes Maternal instinct articleOur culture sets the bar high when it comes to being a natural mother, but the truth is that most mothers struggle a little bit, and some mothers – some research puts the number as high as 1 in 5 – suffer postnatal depression.

In this article in Playtimes, Hulda talks about the the maternal instinct and suggests that while many aspects of mother’s love may be inborn, nature does need a helping hand from a ‘nurturing’ community, whether it be from  mothers, friends or aunts – or midwives.  Hulda says: “It is sometimes harder to feel the empowerment of maternal love when you are isolated – and sometimes you need support from others to be able to enjoy the relationship with your baby even more.” This is particularly true for expatriate women who may not have the support that they may have had back home.

Hulda also suggests that perhaps we are our own worst enemies, trying to do it all too soon. Hulda provides advice on how to slow down, and manage your own and others’ expectations.

Finally, Hulda also outlines some of the risk factors for postnatal depression so that high-risk mothers can be more aware, and take preventive action if possible.

Read the full article online : Playtimes – Basic Instinct

Other parenting resources

  • Postnatal Group – Starting in August 2013, Allison will start a postnatal depression group. This will only be open to women suffering from postnatal depression. The goal is for women to have a safe environment to explore emotions and also connect with others going through similar experiences. In addition, there will be a practical component to the group, which will include tools to aid in healing.If you think you are a candidate for this group, please email Allison.
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