The Best 10 Breastfeeding Tips from our Lactation Experts

Posted on 11 April 2013 by hulda

Breastfeeding is supposed to be natural – and it is – but sometimes nature needs a little support. Annerley’s midwives give their best recommendations:

  1. BreastfeedingFeed as often as the baby wants in the first few days.  This means sometimes every 30 minutes, sometimes 3-4 hours between.
  2. Get all the assistance in hospital you can to learn the right techniques from the beginning.  Ensure you also have help from a midwife when you come home.
  3. A good latch on the breast is one of the most important factors in preventing sore nipples and to increase the flow of the milk in each suck. 
  4. Pain that does not go away during a feed means something is not OK.  You need to respond to this quickly or get help to identify what is wrong.
  5. Always make sure you bring the baby to you, and not to bring the breast to the baby. 
  6. In the early days, air dry the nipples, let breast milk dry on them and if they are cracked, lanolin may be helpful in the healing process.
  7. If your milk supply is low, make sure to drink and eat enough, get plenty of rest and eat as often as possible.
  8. Fenugreek might also help if you have low milk supply.
  9. Feed on demand in the early days, it will help to regulate the flow of milk faster and decrease risks of low supply and mastitis. 
  10. Use hot and cold packs if/when your breasts engorge, and learn techniques to massage blockages out.  


When in doubt and ideally before any problems happen,  feel free to call me or any of the other midwives at Annerley, we are all experts in breastfeeding amongst other things and will help you either at our clinic, or in your home in the early days.  

Best regards,  Hulda Thorey, midwife.




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