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Dirty and happy

Posted on 02 April 2013 by Annerley

I think I have blogged about this so many times.  This is because it is very close to my heart and I don´t feel that I see enough of it.



Kids getting dirty and wet.  I think perhaps we do need to educate our helpers a little better also, they often seem to think that if a child gets wet (i.e. in the rain), there is a big risk that they will get sick also.  So kids are often kept away from the rain and instead of jumping around where water is collected, playing in the mud etc, they are taken inside.


The truth is that the sensory systems benefit endlessly from different types of stimulants, including things like the rain, wind and different sorts of materials.  So instead of always having to create it, pay for it, make it happen – why not just use what is right there in front of our eyes these days, – rain and mud.

I hope you all had a good Easter weekend and must admit that I am looking forward to summer coming now.   Best regards from dirty and wet land.



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