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Do you need to throw the books away?

Posted on 17 September 2012 by Kristrun

Niamh replied to Hulda’s blogFrom the Annerley Photo Collection and shared her story with us. Sometimes you just need to throw the books away. Thanks Niamh for sharing your story!


What a lovely piece.

I never cease to be amazed at the adaptability of babies. The reading I did prior to the birth of my first child was all about routine, routine, routine. I remember how one book reduced me tears when was about 30 weeks pregnant “how on earth can I follow such a rigid schedule? What happens if my baby doesn’t want to feed at 6.30am? What happens if she doesn’t dirty her nappy at 7.53am?”

In due course the baby made her entrance.  I threw the books away. It took a lot of trial and error, both of us were new to each other after all but you know what? We learned how to make it work with each other. She fed, she slept (sometimes!), her cot went largely unused as it seemed far more cozy and more convenient to have her next to me. I too learned to feed without waking. The 3 month time frame I had put on feeding her before she arrived passed unnoticed. Suddenly she was 1 and we were still going strong as a harmonious yet ever changing partnership. One day she didn’t want my milk any more. What a bittersweet moment! So proud that the baby was becoming an independent little person, yet so sad that this special time was over.

In due course number 2 baby was on her way. I didn’t look at any books because I had thrown them out! Plus I thought I had it all worked out by then. How wrong! The new baby was a very different little person but yet again we both learned from each other. She too fed into her second year.

You were there for number three daughter’s arrival. You helped her and I organize our self for that special first feed. We never looked back. For that I thank you.

My feeding days are well behind me now but I will always remember how much I enjoyed them (bar the painful first few weeks) and how much they taught me about patience, love and understanding.




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