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Returning to Exercise and ‘getting in shape’ after pregnancy and giving birt

Posted on 03 February 2016 by Kristrun

When women list their favourite experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mother, the impact it has had on their bodies or the return to exercise experience would rarely get a mention. Rather, most women are more likely complain about the pelvic floor and transverse abdominus issues, pelvis/hip or back pain, feeling imbalanced or simply not being able to get back into shape easily. Common stories I hear in my clinic go something like, “I have been trying to get back to exercise for a while now but it’s really difficult because I feel disconnected from my core and I’m getting back and hip pain.” Or, “I know I’m meant to be working my ‘core’ and have been doing that with my personal trainer. However, my knee is constantly hurting and the pain just returns with after a period of rest.” These stories are all too common and many mothers spend years or even decades trying to find a solution.

There is so much more to returning to exercise than just training your ‘core’ and I would argue there is far too much emphasis put on this these days in rehabilitation and exercise circles (with the exception of major pelvic floor or rectus diastasis problems). Whole body stability, pelvis alignment, muscle balance, movement patterns and posture are just as important and all of these need to come together in order to get a mother’s body to function as it once did.

This whole process can be very stressful as it can make you feel like it won’t be possible to get the results you want or that you won’t be able to get back to your previous shape. To help you ease the anxiety and stress this generates, while also giving you the energy you need to go through this you can buy kratom capsules from It will even help you to deal with pain, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

The most appropriate professionals to help you with solving your personal puzzle to safe and pain-free exercise are likely to be physiotherapists, especially those specialised and experienced in the ante- and post-natal processes. After the initial recovery period, it would also be wise to choose aphysiotherapist with a good understanding of sporting biomechanics and therapy. A therapist with this combination of skills should be able to help you return to working on your exercise and body goals within 2-3 months.

So, don’t wait a to get back into your health routine and, no,it’s never normal to have pain just because now you’re a mum.

For more information please contact Joseph March (physiotherapist) at Hong Kong Sports Clinic -

Joseph March
Founder and Principal Physiotherapist
Hong Kong Sports Clinic 
Suite 1003, Takshing House,

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