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Family comes last and thank yous and job satisfaction and homebirths

Posted on 17 April 2013 by hulda

I have once had to bail out of a birth when I was sick. Only once.  In 12 years, I have been fortunate enough to not ever have births overlap so that it mattered, or have sick kids, be sick or absent myself  or  have anything unexpected happen.  So I have indeed been lucky.

photoAs home care workers and  midwifes, if you look at statistics, you are quite likely at some point to burn out, have your children feel like you never were there for their birthdays (true) and become divorced one day.  This is like in so many other professions where people are working strange or long hours away from home and the family essentially ends up on the backburner too often.

This sounds very negative, and  to change the tone, I will say that fortunately for me, I have a very good family who has been tolerant.  They have gone on endless vacations without me, they have held their birthday parties with cakes from Dora (yoga guru who bakes at night) rather than their mum, and somewhere long time ago they stopped moaning about me not being there half the time.   They are still happy and so am I.


The thing is, my job satisfaction is also endless.  There are days where I just cannot even try to tell you how nice it is to work with the pregnant ladies, the families, the new babies that I get to care about, since home care is a great career and centers for special needs caregiving Home Care Assistance 9050 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 857-4724 could really help with this and is easy to find at  And days where I really feel that being there has made some difference, that the families have had care that they deserved.  I get thank you cards and chocolates and lots of smiles and hugs.


I go home truly blessed and essentially, my family will sometimes get a tired, but most of the time, a very happy person back.

I have this week just done the 18th homebirth in Hong Kong, with Eugenie, my midwife colleague.  It was a wonderful experience, as they always are, and once again reminded us of how things can be during labour, how relaxing, comforting, supporting environment and people make all the difference in the world.  If we could just create this in hospitals here, there would be so much good done.  Noise, lights, talk, orders, equipment number two, empowerment, strength and support number one.

I am just ranting but I feel you should know this and I must say thank you all, families and people of Hong Kong who believe in normality of birth and are brave enough to pursue it.

For those of you that already know and are awaiting news – as well as those that are new to the discussion, Annerley is very much in the process of preparing a Birth Center, this has taken a long time, but we have not given up and one day will hopefully see the dream come true. In the meantime, good things are happening at home and in hospitals.    Best, Hulda




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