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Hulda is featured in ATV’s News Magazine show!

Posted on 18 September 2012 by hulda

Hulda with Louise Buckley, preparing for her homebirth.

Hulda is featured in a recent segment on ATV’s current affairs show, News Magazine (ATV時事追擊) covering homebirths, where three mothers who have chosen to give birth at home share their experiences.

Prior to deciding on having a homebirth, all the mothers had ensured that they were in good health, had a low-risk pregnancy and had done extensive research on their options.

Homebirths allows fathers to be more involved during the birthing process assisting their wives. The mothers who chose to give birth at home did so because of the restrictive rules of the public hospitals and their desire to give birth naturally in the comfort of their own home.

While all the mothers say they had great experiences with homebirths and that they would do so again, giving birth at home does have its risks and is not suited for everyone. Hulda says that homebirths are not recommended for first-time mothers, women with high-risk pregnancies, and live far from a hospital.

Hulda is the only midwife in Hong Kong who assists with homebirths. Homebirths in Hong Kong are less common than abroad because most people live in apartments that make accessing hospitals more difficult if something was to go wrong. Hulda says she assists approximately ten homebirths a year and of those, only two would be local families while the rest are expatriates.

Hulda’s client, Louise Buckley says that giving birth is a “totally instinctive process. So I personally trust my body and I trust nature. I trust that things will be ok” which is why she chose to give birth at home.

Since homebirths are not for recommended for every woman, giving birth in a hospital is the best option for most. In the last few years, some public hospitals in Hong Kong have added improvements to their maternity ward to help mothers feel more at home, but those accommodations are limited.

To help mothers through the public hospital system in Hong Kong, Annerley offers the Best of Both package and the Navigation through the Public Hospitals workshop to give mothers the knowledge they need to have the birth that they want.



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