I Need More Time! – tips for time management

Posted on 04 July 2012 by Annerley

Time takes on a whole new meaning when we become a mother. What time did baby wake up? How much time did s/he sleep today? Is there enough time to get to the shops before baby needs to be fed again? A sudden, acute awareness of time management enters our lives and gets almost as much attention as our new arrival. But the biggest change in our perception of time is how little is left for us. We look fondly back at the days when we could sit down with our feet up and watch a whole episode of anything followed by a nice long bath without any interruptions. But the truth is, we can still have this kind of me-time (I know, it sounds impossible but bear with me!) if we just learn a few simple ways to manage our days.

I say this a lot but just because baby comes first does not mean that you come last. I’m not suggesting that you ignore the very many needs of your child but I am suggesting that you don’t ignore yourself. If you can promise yourself one definite regular piece of time for yourself each week, it can make the challenging times easier to get through. Knowing that you have some me-time to look forward to no matter what gives you something to hold onto.

Choose one thing that you love to do – whether that’s a massage, a meet-up with your friends, a simple walk by yourself – and firmly slot it into your week at a time when you know that nothing can get in the way of it. Make sure it’s a time when your partner is home so that he knows that your me-time is his baby-time.  In that way, it becomes a priority for both of you. You get to spend some time with your lovely self and he gets to have some time alone to get to know his child.

There are many other ways to make time for you and you can learn about these at our new Truth About Motherhood workshop. It’s also a chance to spend an hour a week focussing on you. Just imagine, one whole hour just for you….


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