Maternity leave in Thailand – Antenatal classes at Annerley

Posted on 23 March 2012 by hulda

In between being the laziest person on earth, I like action.  So kickbox has been my type of sport for the last 12 years . I have tried, various times to take on something different and somehow everything else has been so boring.  Especially normal gyms.  I did take a yoga class with Nealy Fisher at Pure while I was pregnant and that was actually good, much more action than I thought, and obviously did me good, but partly I think the fact that it was Nealy who I know, made the class fun too.

So here I am in Thailand, on this yoga and health resort, VERY BASIC one!  All we do is to meditate, do yoga at this Marianne Wells Yoga School and drink some liquid fruit and vegetable leftovers that apparently will make us healthy.  And don’t forget, I am also on maternity leave, and doing some work for Kristrun, my crazy boss.

Every morning starts with the yoga practice.  INCREDIBLY funny!  Never before, have I felt like I was in the “loosers” class as much as now.  What I mean is that we are all very obviously NOT yoga people.  And the poor instructor tries very hard to be very professional, – well he is very professional, but I can only imagine how he must be holding his laughter.  Half of the class are at least 20 kg overweight, the rest so skinny that they are falling apart.  Half of them have so much sunburn that it must be very uncomfortable just to move.  And tattoos, my lord, all over!  Most of them have just finished their last cigarette around 2 minutes before practicing and three people have such bad cough that they can hardly do any exercise.  There are three ladies that are Muslims and are fully covered in fabric, but they are actually doing really well in keeping up, despite the fact they must be SO hot!

And then there is me, who usually falls down in every pose, with lots of noise and taking forever to find the pose again, most of the time to discover that they have long gone to the next pose.  But slowly and steadily I have managed to learn most of the routine, and now I can do my shoulder stand straight and every now and again my forehead can touch my knees.

The thing is, as so often before, I started the sessions feeling like, O my G how booooring can this be.  So slow and all that.  Then, remembering that I have actually often meditated and felt good, I added the breathing into the practice.  Then I thought, well whatever I am here, I may as well do it.  And ta ra:  This is just like the antenatal classes!

How incredibly boring they must sometimes be for parents to come to.  They come as they want to learn about these things, and they need to learn certain breathing etc.  but sitting there for two hours at the end of a day, of course you are tired and want to go home.  And I always keep telling them during the meditation training:  Just do it, like Nike says.  You just have to go ahead and after several times of doing it, all of a sudden you are good and you see the benefits.  But to begin with it does not feel like that.

So this is what I did in my Yoga training here.  Now I have had 12 hours of Yoga and I just do it!  Not that I am good, and for sure I would not like to be under any evaluation, but at least this routine is now clear to me, I feel much better and I totally can understand how practice really makes perfect!

So that is all I wanted to say in this long blog:  Please please, antenatal class people:  start your breathing practice now, it will work if you just do it again and again!



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