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One way to stay focused through labour and birth

Posted on 18 October 2013 by hulda

At some point during your labour you will be wondering about why all this hard work has to be a part of it.   It is in fact often quite challenging and  it is very important to stay focused in your head and constantly have happy thoughts to go to, reminders that keep you on track.

When you have had more than one baby, you realise that in most ways,  you benefit from all the experience of the first one / ones.  They also shape your thougts a little, i.e. if it has been hard, you may be worried.  Essentially, also, if it was hard, you may find this birth and baby easier, as it is at least not the same challenge as last time.

If all was very easy first time round, you may also benefit from that in the sense that at least you have positive experiences to refer to and can be hopeful of the same.

In any case, it is always quite important to see the positive side of things and constantly remind yourself that you get much further with those kind of thoughts than if you are always very sceptical.


I was teaching an antenatal class the other day and was looking for something to show all the parents to be that might be positive for them.  A good story is worth telling, but then I saw this picture of my now 15 year old girl, from when she was 2 and got a hold of my makeup bag (which does not hold much but a lipstick and mascare btw) while sitting in the backseat of the car, and as I waThey grow up so nices driving and unable to attent to her, she managed to smear lipstick all over her face and chest and surrounding areas of the car.

It was one of those moments that would have been easy to loose it a little, but then again, how adorable is that?

And looking at the picture,  it really reminded me of the very important point that we always must remember, starting from pregnancy and then throughout the birth;  after this comes a baby.  A baby with all the colors of the rainbow and such amazing things and experiences that all of what you are going through becomes so completely and utterly worth it.  A baby that grows up and uses your lipstick, plays soccer with you and cuddles you many times every day.

I took the picture and showed to the antenatal class, and told them that this was one of the things I used while having my babies – a picture of the older ones.


So find your own picture, stick it in your wallet or print it out and keep with you when you go into labour.  Picture of anything nice, that makes you smile and happy and keeps you focused on what you need to be focused on.

My picture of Freyja is now plastered on the wall in the antenatal class room and no one really understands why, – but it makes everyone happy.


Have a good weekend,



They grow up so nice



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