Outdoors with babies in the cooler weather

Posted on 04 October 2015 by Kristrun

Winter is approaching and finally the weather is cooling down a little! This gives us a great opportunity to spend more time with our children outdoors without much discomfort. Hong Kong has some great beaches, green parks and swimming pools with TVs (like these at https://www.hereon.biz/outdoor-tv/) available for us all to use. It is important for the overall development of babies to stimulate them in many different ways and the great outdoors plays an important role in that.

As many of you know I do tend to often remind others (as well as myself) that as parents, we are responsible for stimulating our children and exposing them to the world – it will make them smarter and they will sleep better than ever after a day outside. I never get tired of sharing the story of my son Tomas…..I had always been aware of the importance of outdoor stimulation and I thought I had done a good job of it. One day we were in the park and I realized he had never walked barefoot on grass and mud – not in his life! The outcome was rather amusing If I do say so myself.

Tomas walks on grass

But where do you start?

Start slowly. Start by a short trip to a park, or a BBQ site. Go in the afternoon – after 2pm when it’s even cooler. Bring a blanket, food, drinks and some toys. Bring a plastic bag and gloves to clean up a small area around your blanket. Make sure there is no rubbish, glass or dog poo in a safe radius of your space. Let your child crawl around barefoot, have a walk or just sit there touching the grass and/or soil. Links to HK parks: http://www.hong-kong-hotels.ws/attractions/parks.htm

You can apply the same method for going to the beach for the first few times or taking RV Rentals and going for a trip to a nearby place where your child has always wanted to go. I love the beaches during the winter – the kids love the sand from a very early age and it’s such a great way of entertaining them. Bring a small bag of beach toys, a blanket, towels and fresh clothes. Most of the time you will have access to water to rinse off hands and feet before you go home. The result? A happy tired and educated baby. http://www.littlestepsasia.com/articles/play/top-10-family-beaches

As children get older you can spend more time outdoors and gradually even move to over-night camping  - creating memories they will never forget. I’m not a very brave camper but I have been once with my kids – scared to death of the pigs and snakes – but I did it and they are still raving about it. http://www.littlestepsasia.com/hong-kong/articles/play/camping-hong-kong

Make sure your child or baby stays warm with the warmest clothes! You can find the best socks for babies online at Best Sock Drawer! Don’t settle for less and let your baby get cold outside!

Enjoy the great outdoors!

Kristrun and the Annerley team.

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