Planning your baby’s first trip to the pool

Posted on 04 June 2014 by Kristrun

Summers can be steaming hot in Hong Kong and so one of the most popular ways to entertain babies and children is to use water – at babyinpool-1home, in a pool in your complex or by taking advantage one of the many public swimming pools. If you are having a swimming pool built and having a hard time deciding what to do with your patio to give it that oasis feeling then ask should I use rubber pavers on my patio?

Here are a few useful tips for anyone bringing a baby to the pool for the first time.

The timing of your first ever pool swim will depend on you and your baby, but please consult your midwife or health visitor if you are not sure. Test things out, spend some time at the poolside to begin with and make sure your baby is interested before taking them into the water. It´s a good idea to splash some pool water on baby’s arms and legs and guage how they react to it before taking the plunge. The pool water can irritate sensitive young skin so just a play at the pool-side with a few splashes can be a good start. It is also a great idea to see that the water pipes are all in good working condition to avoid getting into any unnecessary pool accidents. Call a plumber in the Concord area to help you in this regard.

Planning your first trip.

  • Plan the trip carefully around your baby’s routine. Make sure he is well fed, well rested and ready to be out and about for a while.
  • Put swim-wear on at home – both yours and baby’s! This makes things much easier on arrival. Use swim diapers and make sure to bring a spare one.
  • Don´t forget to bring a full new set of clothes for your little one.
  • Bring a capsule where you can strap the baby in and leave her on the floor while you are changing or using the bathrooom.
  • Bring the baby in the capsule to the pool. Pool sides are very slippery and you want to protect your baby. The staff will let you through the side door to bypass the entrance/exit shower.
  • Make sure baby has a hat and is protected from the sun. If possible, go at a time when you know the baby pool is in the shade.
  • Try to choose sunscreen that doesn’t run when it gets wet and is age appropriate. Zinc based ones are often good.
  • Start slowly and introduce the water by keeping baby close to your body whilst gradually moving into the water – this will make your baby feel safe. Smile and be calm.
  • For the first few times, try to go when you know it will be quiet. A lot of shrieking and splashing may frighten your little one and put them off the experience.
  • Avoid using any safety gear to begin with, just hold your baby and never leave her unattended anywhere in or near the water unless strapped in the capsule.
  • Spend only a short time in the pool to begin with – it will be a very stimulating new experience and even a few minutes may be enough. Leave before your baby becomes too tired – you still need to get changed and home!
  • You will probably want to give baby a proper bath at home, but it is recommended to at least rinse off the pool water before leaving. Again, the skin can be very sensitive to the pool water, so make sure the pool is clean, for this the use of great pool heat pumps for this, you can check it out here. You can always give baby a rinse while he is in the capsule –  it will dry quickly in the sun even if it does get a bit wet. If you’re alone you can even bring the capsule into the shower so the baby is under your care the whole time.
  • Have fun and enjoy the water. If your baby does not enjoy going swimming, just give him a bit of time and then try again.
  • Make sure to test your swimming pool water so that it doesn’t affect your baby’s skin.

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