Safe ways to swaddle a newborn

Posted on 13 January 2015 by Kristrun

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Most weeks, I get asked whether or not you should swaddle a baby.  My general response is if you are talking about a tight swaddle in which the baby cannot move and thereby increasing the risk of over-heating, I would say NO. Then I get asked about the various swaddling products on the market. Swaddling whereby a baby can move its limbs (and not overheat) is safe swaddling and here I would say YES.

I once had to give evidence in court concerning the devastating loss of a child. Having had to stand in court and tell a judge that I had advised the family not to tightly swaddle, I can assure you this is not advice I give on a whim.  I would not wish the loss of a baby on anyone nor the associated guilt that you may have contributed in any way to it.

So the absolute DO NOTs are:-

  1. Don’t swaddle so tightly that the arms and legs cannot move.
  2. Don’t swaddle with several layers or a thick blanket so there is a risk that baby overheats.
  3. Don’t place a swaddled baby on their front.
  4. Don’t swaddle a baby who does not want to be swaddled.
  5. Don’t swaddle a baby who is able to roll.

And if you DO want to swaddle:-

  1. Swaddle safely so that baby can move their legs freely.
  2. Swaddle in a way with either a swaddle product or light swaddle that the baby can move his/her arms and not overheat.
  3. Check the baby’s chest and back are warm, and that the baby is not overheating.
  4. Place baby on his back. Do not swaddle if the baby does not like it.
  5. Stop swaddling if the baby is able to roll.
  6. So my conclusion is that it is fine to swaddle safely, but make sure you understand what that means, and do not hesitate to ask if you need any clarification.

Wishing you lots of happy and safe times.

Conchita Amende

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