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Sleeping in cold weather – temperature management

Posted on 22 December 2015 by Kristrun

Grobags from Bloom and Grow Asia are great to keep a baby warm.

Grobags from Bloom and Grow Asia are great to keep a baby warm in cold weather.

As winter approaches in Hong Kong, there may be a change in the temperature in your baby’s bedroom and also what your baby will feel comfortable wearing whilst sleeping. Help your baby to sleep safe and sound by keeping them at an ideal temperature. The UK guidelines posted on this site about sleeping norms, will recommend the temperature between 16-20° but during most months in Hong Kong, this can be difficult. Understand your baby, choose clothes and layers depending on the temperature each time and check your baby often. You will become a master in temperature management after a few short months.

  • A baby who is too cold will probably be fussy and cry, but it is overheating which can be more of a problem – especially for those of us without thermostatically controlled heating systems. You will work it out – keep a thermometer in the room and regularly check your baby – adding or removing layers if needs be.
  • If using a heater, be sure that it is not near the baby’s cot but is just keeping the room at a comfortable temperature in general. For reverse cycle air conditioning, be sure that it is not directed at your baby’s cot but again is keeping the room generally at the correct temperature, call the AC repair service in case something works not the way it should.
  • You can use a sleeping bag at a higher tog rating, (click here if you don’t know what that is) or add an extra vest or warmer sleep suit. You can also use a blanket and tuck it under the mattress. Baby should also be placed with feet close to the bottom of the bed, so that if she does wriggle, she will only move upwards and not downwards under her bedding.
  • Use lightweight blankets and never use a duvet, quilt or pillow for babies under 12 months old.  Make sure there is no padding around your baby’s cot which could trap warm air and lead to your baby overheating.
  • You can try to add socks and mittens if feet and hands are very cold, but please bear in mind that it is normal for hands and feet to feel cool, even a bit cold.
  • Don’t put a hot water bottle or electric blanket in your baby’s cot, however cold the weather is.
  • If you think your baby is getting too hot, check his tummy and back. These areas should feel warm, not sweaty and definitely not cool to the touch. If either feels hot, or he’s sweaty, remove some layers. It’s normal for your baby’s hands and feet to feel cooler than the rest of the body.
  • Hats are not recommended for indoor use in case your baby overheats. Babies lose heat from their heads and if heads are covered, they may just get hotter and hotter during sleep time without it being noticed.


Stay warm

The Annerley Team.

Updated December 20th 2015

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