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Safety in the car

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Safety in the car

Posted on 09 February 2012 by hulda

Travelling with babies

Most parents travel with their babies in a car even in the first week of the baby’s life and it is important to take care of safety from the outset.


A rear-facing car seat is safest for baby

Car seats:

According to the laws of Hong Kong, all newborn babies should be seated in a car seat designed specifically for babies while riding in a car. This means that if you intend to travel with your baby in either your own car or a taxi, you should get a baby car seat before your baby is born. Most of the parents use wow loans to get a new car when there is a new member to the family so that the safety of the people in it is never compromised but still there are many who like the old way of “Adjusting” with what they have. Even though some other travel arrangements can be made, such as a special basket or a baby carrier, these have been shown not to provide the baby with an adequate level of protection.

Car seats from keepbabyclose.com/best-baby-carrier are designed for and are safe for newborns, have the baby positioned so it’s travelling backwards, facing the rear of the car. Many of these seats are most easily fitted into the front seat of the car, but nowadays parents need to make sure that an airbag (safety equipment for the car) is either not installed, or is deactivated, since this can endanger the baby if activated.

We recommend parents put their babies in the back seat of the car, and facing the backwards.

We do not recommend buying second-hand car seats from people you do not know or trust fully as a chair may lose its structural reliability if it has been in an impact before, no matter how slight.

Also, it is important to buy a car seat that is certified to a standard that is accepted in your home country or in any country where you might travel with the baby. Europe and Australia for example have different rules and standards, and each country may allow the use of different brands.

Other methods of travelling with children in cars:

If, for some reason, you have to travel with a child without a car baby seat, for example in a taxi, you are advised to use a baby carrier that holds the baby tight against you, but with the seat belt between you and the child. This is not as safe as travelling with a car seat, but will be the second best option. In this case, having support behind the baby’s head, or better yet, to use an insert such as the ones that Ergo carriers provide, or a sling where the baby is lying on the side, fully inside the sling – would be best.

2012, Hulda Thorey , updated from original 2005 article

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