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Extended Breastfeeding, why bother? By Conchita Amende

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Extended Breastfeeding, why bother? By Conchita Amende

Posted on 29 November 2013 by Kristrun

mastitis, breast-feeding, newborn, sore breastsIt is commonly known that exclusive breastfeeding is the ideal scenario for your baby during its first months of life. The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and it is around this time that you will start to wean your child and introduce solid foods. This does not mean, however, that breastfeeding should stop just because it is no longer the only required form of nutrition.

There are many reasons to carry on. Your milk will change with your growing child, but the health benefits in the form of vitamins, antibodies and immunoglobulin are still very much present and continuing to protect your baby and lower the risk of allergies.
But the benefits do not only lie with your little one. Nursing – and as your infant grows into a toddler this may be just once or twice a day – is a wonderful time of bonding and closeness. Your life will have moved on from the all-encompassing newborn and baby-stage and you may also have older children to attend to. Taking the time to breastfeed is a great excuse to slow down, hold your child close and look into each other’s eyes. In a busy life, breastfeeding is a beautiful “time-out”.
It is also free. Use the money you save on not buying formula on some good quality vitamin drops, which I do recommend after 6 months of age (for breastfed babies).

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