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The Article That All Dads To Be Should Read!

Posted on 16 August 2012 by Annerley

Daddy 101During pregnancy, there is no physical indicator that a man is about to become a father. Unless he specifically says so, you would have no idea that he was about to go through a big life transition. In fact, you could be surrounded by Dads To Be and not have the slightest clue!

Of course, this ain’t the case with mum.  She’s obviously changing and clearly indicating to the world-at-large (pardon the pun) that life is about to become a whole lot different.  Because of this, the majority of the attention is on her. People will ask her when she is due, how she is feeling and once baby is born, how she is coping with breastfeeding and how her recovery is going.

Not so with dad. He may get a slap on the back and a few congrats but that’s pretty much it. Which is fine, by the way, mum has put a lot of work into growing and delivering baby so it’s understandable that she receives more attention in return. My point is that it’s quite easy for a man to add all of this up and come to the conclusion that mum’s role is more important than his, that maybe his role is more of a supporting actor than a lead player. More attention on her plus pregnancy plus giving birth plus breastfeeding equals “she’s more important to our baby than me”. But this is not at all true.

The role of a father is as important as that of the mother. You only have to look at your own parents to know that your father played (and continues to play) as much of a role in shaping who you are as your mother. You don’t look at them and think that one is more important than the other.

This is probably the most important realisation a man can make at the beginning of his parenting journey – that he has a vital role to play in his child’s life from the second that child is born. If he has a son, he will be the model for what it is to be a father, what it is to be a husband and what it is to be a man.

If he has a daughter, it falls to him to show her what to expect from a man in a relationship and how she should be treated. It’s a big responsibility. Just a few weeks ago, some new research came out from the University of Oxford showing that children whose fathers disengaged from as early as 3 months were already exhibiting  behavioural problems at the age of 1 year.*  A baby needs their dad as much as their mum.

If you’re on the verge of becoming a dad or have just become one, allow us to assist you Orla Breezewith the preparation for the greatest role of your life. Daddy 101 is a very informal dads-only evening where you get to ask every question you ever had about your first year as a father – and I mean every question. Even the ones you think you shouldn’t ask! Click here for full details of our next evening.

Orla Breeze  – EFT practitioner & Workshop Facilitator

 * Click for full details of  research paper 








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