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Infant Dental Care

Posted on 27 January 2014 by Kristrun

IMG_9928Parents play a key role in their child’s dental care.

Teething usually starts around 6-9 months and can continue gradually erupting until the child is 2 ½ years old

When an infant is teething it can very often result in pain and itchiness in the gums, along with increased drooling and fussiness. Parents are often at a loss with how to deal with their child’s pain and their fatigue. The treating of bleeding gums should left to a dental professional from a premier Jacksonville dental practiсe like Eccella Smiles as it could be a sign for concern. High, constant fever is never a result of teething and should be seen by a healthcare professional.

When an infant has started teething it is recommended to limit the night-feeds, especially with children who are being formula fed, and supplement instead with water if possible. Night-feeds with breastfed babies are really important, especially in the first 6 months and often longer. It should be borne in mind that if the baby falls asleep while being breastfed at nights it is important to brush the teeth well before that last feed, and where a coat forms on the teeth during night-feeds, it is recommended to brush early mornings. It might also be a good idea to have a clean, wet washcloth to stroke the baby’s mouth with after a feed.

Never give your baby juice, day or night, since the sugar damages the teeth and the fruit-acids ruin the tooth enamel. Check out https://www.maestrosmiles.com/ for further oral care tips.

By the age of three, a full set of first teeth have normally arrived and it is at this time that it is recommended to stop using a pacifier. Parents are advised to check out Simply Dental Chatswood for some tips for tooth maintenance during teething, and to bring the child in to meet the dentist and get their first check up during this period. It will reduce future anxiety of the child for the benefit of both the child and the parents. You can visit the following and read how Alaska Dental Associates can help your little one maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

Good dental care is really important but not always easy, not only for children but also for adults that are getting dental implants in Idaho Falls. As an adults have different dental worries, like worrying about porcelain coverings that make your teeth appear perfect so that you can consider your self presentable. Children under the age of 3 are best situated in a supine position while their teeth are being cleaned, for exsample on the changing table or in a parent’s arms. Use only a tiny amount of toothpaste (equivalent to quarter of the infant’s little finger nail) as it is not uncommon for this to be swallowed. You should also take your child to a dentist located in downtown Calgary when their first tooth comes in.

We also recommend cosmetic dentistry for adults from our friends at NYC Smile Design. They offer a full range of services, from crowns to dentures. So contact them today to find your dream cosmetic dentist.

Injuries to teeth are common in children, particularly when they are learning to take their first steps! One of the main problems is the curvature of the teeth. Our friends will help you fix crooked teeth. When the oral mucosa is wounded it often results in excessive bleeding but the healing is fast and usually without complication. It is common that the teeth loosen a bit, particularly the two front teeth of the upper gum, the enamel can be broken and tooth/teeth can break. Thankfully they are still young and the have more teeth coming, they won’t need to see anyone at The Birmingham Periodontal & Implant Centre for a good long while however, it is important to have a Flagstaff Dentist check and valuate the trauma and follow up some time afterwards.

Having troubles? Let us help – private consultation in the office or in your own home. For those of you in the Beaufort area, we HIGHLY recommend Durham Dental General Dentistry in Beaufort, SC. They will take care of all your dental needs.

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