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You can do anything you believe in – Til hamingju með daginn!

Posted on 09 November 2012 by hulda

I get inspired by a lot of people. They make me want to continue my work, my life and just simply make it possible for me to see that you really just have to see things from a certain angle, take a certain view and you can do anything you want.
One year ago, I was doing my acupuncture training in Iceland with one of these people, when another one who has been my inspiration for many years, decided to go into labour – in Hong Kong.
Which meant, SKYPE had to be the way of communicating. Hardly the way that a good midwifery care is provided to a first time mother, who is single and having her baby in a government hospital in Hong Kong, far away from family.
But such is life and she successfully squeezed out the beautiful little girl and went onto feeding and taking care of her, then hiring a helper, working and the story continues like for any other new mum.
My absence at the birth, endlessly noted somewhere in my suppressed back of the head, will never be fixed, and surely I will have to try to make up later.
Today I wanted to congratulate this truly amazing woman though. She is by far one of the most powerful figures in my life for many reasons and she is an example and inspiration that many would love to have met earlier in their lives.
“I cannot breastfeed as I must return to work”. Well, this lady, she just arranged so that her helper brings the baby to work once per day. She feeds before going to work, then at lunctime, then pumps once and then feeds once she is home and as often in the evening as needed. Twice each week, the helper comes to us at Annerley, stays with the baby through baby groups and the mum comes and feeds the baby there during her lunchbreak. If she has a hard time pumping at work, she pops into here, borrows one of our pumps and rooms, and squeezes it in between meetings. It only takes 10 minutes and we are in central.
The baby is 1 years old today. One of the most beautiful and healthy little girls you ever see. The mum is a very successful single mother who just makes things work. She travels too. But each time she meets the baby´s eyes in her lunchbreak or comes home to a baby that she alone can feed in such an intimate way, especially after occasionally thinking that perhaps now the baby loves the helper more, afterall she is working such long hours, she knows that she is doing the right thing. The hands grippling onto her skin, scratching her lightly, the look from the baby, the whole lot.
And sometimes, she goes and plays rugby, runs marathons, or meets friends, has wine, skips lunch. She is not “bound” by the baby. She can do everything she wants. But she has set it up in such a way that it suits her and it suits the baby, it does not affect her work and is the best solution for everyone.
And she never moans about it, she is just happy.

As I said, one of the greatest inspiration in my life so far, never fails to impress, I would like to say congratulations and happy birthday to my sister Rebekka, a big thank you to Haymarket and Jon who is of course the best boss in the world and to the rest of you who read this, just remind you, if you want to, you can do anything. Til hamingju með afmælið elsku Bríet.

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