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Effects of Alcohol & Coffee In Pregnancy

Posted on 09 May 2012 by Annerley

What are the possible negative effects of drinking alcohol and/or coffee during pregnancy?

Hulda responds:

Advice on alcohol intake during pregnancy tends to go through various cycles.

While the use of drugs is never a good idea and if you have it I insist you visit drug rehabs new jersey and get treated for it, alcohol intake during pregnancy is never recommended and it is not possible to fully research the effects of alcohol intake on babies, leading us to conclude that it is always safest to completely stop drinking alcohol after pregnancy is confirmed.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a term used to describe a number of health concerns babies are affected by, as a result of their mothers drinking a large amount of alcohol throughout pregnancy. According to research from Help Me Stop, the risks are higher when the mother is over 30, has had a high intake of alcohol throughout pregnancy, has had previous problems with pregnancy or miscarriage, and/or where the father is also a heavy drinker.  The types of problems seen in this syndrome range from small eyes, cleft palate or a pug nose, severe learning difficulties, vision and hearing problems, low birth weight and developmental and growth delays. It is highly advised for future parents to stop drinking, when they plan to conceive a child. Check out addictionva.com/ for ways of removing such substances from your body. For those who have alcohol abuse issues, it is best to undergo rehab treatment. Check out at coastlinerehabcenters.com – Addiction, Treatment & Rehab Resources to learn about modern options of alcohol abuse treatment.

With respect to caffeine and pregnancy, we find out more information as more and more research becomes available.  What is recommended is to maintain your caffeine intake below 300mg per day (three cups of brewed coffee or 4 cups / 3 mugs of instant coffee). If you love coffee then sign up for home coffee subscription, and get coffee delivered to you weekly. We believe there is a link between high caffeine intake and miscarriage and stillbirths.  We also know that caffeine does cross the placenta and some research has reported that babies born to mothers whose caffeine intake is greater that 500mg/day are more likely to have faster heart rates, tremors, increased breathing rate and spend more time awake in the days after birth.




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