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Outdoors? In this heat?

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Outdoors? In this heat?

Posted on 15 June 2015 by Kristrun

Outdoors in this heat?The steaming hot summer weather of Hong Kong is a fact we cannot hide from. For me this is an annual thing to share with you; the importance of bringing your babies and children outdoors despite the very hot weather. It can be challenging to come up with ideas and to drag the whole family out of the well air conditioned apartment to spend the day, or even an hour, in the hot and sticky outdoors. But as parents, we are responsible for stimulating our children and exposing them to the world – it will make them smarter and they will sleep better then ever after a day outdoors.

To make it very simple, when a baby is born – their “memory” (let’s call it memory; brain function or synapses) is stored in big blocks – very big blocks. As the baby grows, their memory will be broken down into smaller blocks, and as the baby touches and feels – heat, cold, rough, sand, hard, soft – the memory breaks into even smaller pieces that can be put together in a number of different ways. The more a child feels and experiences, the smaller the memory components become, and the more components the better.

The outdoors is far more important than the indoors because it offers so much more variation on the same theme. For example, sand can be hot, cold, wet, fine or coarse. Grass can be soft, spikey, sticky, cold or warm. The weather itself offers endless variations. Then there is the multitude of different sights, sounds and smells outside…. The list goes on and on, and again, the more differences the better.

But where to go? What to do?

We have fantastic beaches in Hong Kong, and even if it´s hot it is super nice to stay under the umbrella on the beach even with small babies. Make sure you have shade with you or make sure you can rent some at the beach.If the trip involves a short boat ride – even better! So much to see, smell and feel whilst bumping along on a sampan. In fact, just the boat ride there and back can be an adventure for a baby! .http://www.littlestepsasia.com/articles/play/top-10-family-beaches

The public pools here are great. Be well prepared and enjoy cooling down in the water. A good tip is to go early when it’s less crowded and the pools are cleaner. If you are bringing your baby for the first time you will find a few useful tips here: http://www.annerley.com.hk/blog/planning-your-babys-first-trip-to-the-pool/ from our blog last year.

There are so many parks in Hong Kong and just to give a child or a baby a chance to walk on grass becomes very valuable. I used to bring my kids sometimes in the rain and let them play in the puddles. It´s cooler – the sun is not shining and it´s a great way to get them exhausted without having to worry about sunscreen and overheating. Take shoes off in a safe place and let them feel the earth with their toes. http://www.hong-kong-hotels.ws/attractions/parks.htm

It takes a little preparation to really enjoy being outside with a baby when the temperatures are soaring, but it is doable, and it is so important. It is always good to get out, so beat the heat, make sure everyone is well hydrated and enjoy!



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