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Posted on 23 June 2015 by Kristrun

sleep_helpWe are happy to announce the arrival of the the Lulla doll in Hong Kong. Sleep is an ongoing topic in our clinic and a day does not go by without the subject of babies’ sleep being addressed. We are truly happy to bring the Lulla doll to the market in Asia – it is such a simple, safe and practical solution for better sleep for both parents and babies.

As many of you know, Hulda and Kristrun come from Iceland – that odd little cold country way up there. The woman who invented the Lulla doll is also Icelandic. In Iceland it is very common for parents to co-sleep with their babies, and it comes very naturally to Icelandic parents to keep their infants very close to them in the beginning. Of course this is universal, but in Iceland we normally take this one step further and sleep with our babies in our beds, or at least very close to our beds – and sometimes for a long time.

Eyrun, the founder of the Lulla doll was heartbroken to see her friend having to leave her little newborn baby in the Special Care Baby Unit every night for two weeks. Eyrun went ahead and designed the amazing Lulla doll that plays a real life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest in order to keep the babies calm whilst away from their parents. The recording lasts throughout the whole night, unlike many white noise machines that only last for a few minutes. Lulla’s aim is to also help babies stabilize their own breathing and heartbeat, resulting in longer and better sleep.

We are so proud of Eyrun and her team in Iceland – the Lulla doll has been recognised all over the world, there has been lots of media involvement and they have received many awards and grants. The Lulla doll is now available for every newborn, and is a perfect solution for all healthy babies as well as those who unfortunately need to spend time in hospital (or anywhere else) away from their parents.

The Lulla doll is now available in our webshop – we can ship anywhere in Asia (additional charges will apply outside of HK). We are just a click away.

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