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Top Teething Remedies

Posted on 03 May 2012 by Annerley

baby teething remediesMost babies’ first teeth sprout between four to seven months of age. For some babies, teething can cause discomfort including gum swelling and sensitivity, irritability, fussiness, drooling, biting behaviour, refusing food and even sleep problems. We consulted with an emergency dentist in Perth and All-In-One Dental Innovations on teething and found these five remedies that should provide some relief for both mother and baby. We are guided by the general dentistry guide. Read more about the importance of flossing to help clean your teeth.

  1. Homeopathic remedies such as Camilia Teething Relief and Natra Bio Children’s Teething Relief can provide temporary relief of teething pain safely. Both these products are available at the Annerley online store.
  2. A wet flannel that has been frozen and is wrapped up in a little bun and given to the baby to suck on. Make three or so of these, always keeping one in the freezer and swap them so the baby always has a cold flannel to suck on. Putting a piece of apple inside and freezing that can be fine too, just make sure that the piece is well wrapped in and sealed.
  3. Numbing Gels can help periodically and are safe to use. Combine this with a suitable dose of paracetamol before bed time if the teething pain is persistent and baby is suffering badly. Consult PermaDent Dental Implants Center if the problem persists, as the do not just provide teeth implant services, but also have some of the best oral health care facilities. Only use paracetemol at night time for relief (for both baby and mum), and never for long periods. Make your baby’s smile the best thing in the world by making a visit to invisalign Las Vegas.
  4. The  fourth tool is a mental tool: During teething periods, try and keep the baby moderately active with plenty of resting time. Keeping active and having lots of fun takes the attention away from discomfort that often, if staying in the
    homeopathic teething remedies

    Gels, amber beads and homeopathic teething remedies are all available at the Annerley shop.

    same environment, will be the first thing on the little child’s mind.

  5. Amber beads have been used by mothers to soothe and comfort their baby’s teething pains for centuries. We often forget that Amber is not a stone, but is a resin and when warmed releases antioxidants which are thought to be absorbed by the baby’s skin, so providing a healing and calming effect.

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