Top Ten Joys of Motherhood

Posted on 11 May 2012 by Annerley

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, let’s remind ourselves why we all became parents with these Top Ten Joys of Motherhood:

Free Strength Training – Did you ever look at other people’s toddlers and wonder how their parents could carry them for any length of time? Now we’ve all become weight-lifting champions with the kind of physical strength most gym-goers spend years building up. Who needs gym memberships when we’ve got toddlers to carry?

Instant Happiness – One of the biggest revelations to me when I became a Mum was how my baby could change my tired grumpy mood into pure happiness with one smile. How can we stay p’d off when a smile like that is waiting to greet us every morning?

Comedy Moments – Forget about going to the Comedy Club – you’ll get much better laughs simply by staying home. My middle child used to have a compulsion to eat everything off the ground using her mouth only – exactly like a little dog and I’ll never forget my son’s attempts to get us to put him back in pull-ups so he could watch tv and pee in his pants without having to go to the big boy’s toilet…we all have our stories. But the comedy moment that still makes me me laugh the most comes straight from a Mum friend of mine:

“I know of a 4-year old who, for no particular reason, announced at the butcher’s that ‘mummy has whiskers in her knickers’. Her mum just about died on the spot!”

Hugs Hugs Hugs - According to the latest research, hugs can cut down your stress levels, reduce your chances of heart disease and even lead to a longer life! As parents, I reckon we’ve got the whole thing covered. Just when you think your kids have given you every last hug they’ve got, they’ll pull another out of the hat just when you need it.

New Mom Friends – This is one of the best side-effects of parenthood. I have met more new people in the last 8 years than in the previous 18 and all because we’ve got motherhood in common. You can’t beat having another Mom friend to talk to when the doo-doo really hits the fan – literally speaking.

Playtime All Over Again  - Who’d have thought that we’d all be playing Hide N’ Seek, Ring A Ring A Roses and the Hokey Pokey all over again and actually enjoying it? Ok so maybe ‘enjoy’ is a little too strong a word but you know what I mean..

Instant Superhero Status – I don’t know about you but my kids think that I know everything and can do anything just because I’m their mother. When everything they want appears before them and every question is ‘wisely’ answered, it’s not surprising that our kids think we can give Wonder Woman and Superwoman a run for their money!

Letting Go – If you’re looking for a lesson in how to let go of past issues and present problems, look no further than your children. They truly know how to let go and get on with it. One minute, a tantrum of volcanic proportions, the next it’s all smiles again. Have you ever noticed how a baby only laughs while you’re tickling her but stops at the moment you stop? Now, that’s what I call living in the moment!

Love – The Beatles were so right when they said it’s all we need and children have it in abundance. How can such small people carry so much of it around? No matter what kind of day you’re having, they’re always happy to pass some our way.

Job Satisfaction – And my number one joy of parenthood has got to be the job satisfaction. Even when you’ve had a really crappy day with lots of tantrums, wee pools, more tantrums and spitting (plus all the things your kids get up to), you can still go to bed knowing you’re doing a job that really matters. And that, my friends, cannot be beaten.

Have a very happy Mother’s Day – you deserve it!


Orla Breeze works with new mums here at Annerley to help them reorganise and rebalance their lives. Watch out for her new workshop The Truth About Motherhood coming this summer!





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