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Does classical music guarantee a child genius?

Posted on 11 April 2013 by hulda


Most children raised in Hong Kong have a packed schedule that would put most hardworking businessmen to shame – attending a long list of extra-curricular classes on top of school. But why do we enroll our children into so many extra lessons? Because we want the best for them, we want to open every door and possibility we can. But does it all help?

Playtimes explores the discussion on “The Mozart Theory” and whether or not just listening to classical music alone is enough. Kathryn Eagle, Founder of Sensational Baby, says, “A strong sensory base helps babies process the information they need to thrive. Classes like Sensational Baby give parents opportunities to embrace and capitalise on each of their baby’s new development stages.”

Read more about the argument for classical music and what can benefit your child in the March issue of Playtimes magazine.

Download the story here, or read the complete magazine here.

Annerley’s Sensational Baby Classes give parents and babies the opportunity to formĀ  new friendships, share experiences, advice and stories, providing mutual support and encouragement with the challenges of parenting.

The activities in our baby group focus on your baby’s sensory development as well as developing their motor skills through movement and stretching. Their sense of rhythm and musicality will be stimulated and they will be thoroughly entertained throughout the class.

Classes are for babies around 2 – 8 months of age. We would love to see you there, visit our website for more information and pricing for our Sensational Baby Class.



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