About Us

Helping pregnant women in Hong Kong through pregnancy, birth and beyond for 20 years. 

Annerley (formerly Annerley Community Midwifery Services and Annerley Midwives) is a small, privately run clinic that has been operating since 1995, when a British midwife, Ann Illingworth, set it up after resigning as a sister in charge of the Matilda International Hospital Maternity Unit. Since then, the clinic has grown and now has 9 members of staff - midwives, obstetrician (OBGYN), nurses and extremely valuable admin staff.

The midwives and doctors at Annerley offer unique and invaluable support throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond - whether you are going through the public or the private system in Hong Kong. The aim of the support is to offer non-biased information relevant to your pregnancy to help you to know what type of experience you are hoping for, how to utilise and navigate the systems with professional support of midwives. Contact us for details.

All our services, consultation, courses and clinical advice are research based and based on international guidelines as the NICE guidelines and World Health Organizations guidelines on maternal, reproductive and women's health -  and child health.

Hulda Thorey, Director and founder

registered nurse, R.N. (iceland)
registered midwife, R.M. cand.obst. (iceland)
registered midwife, R.M. (hong kong)

Hulda specializes is continuous midwifery care during pregnancy, although most of her day is spent doing antenatal clinics and consultations for parents to prepare for birth and the baby.  She runs pregnancy classes, cares for women in labour at home, and clinic and consultation in the office.  Hulda also guides parents who are new to Hong Kong, or newly pregnant, about how best to go about their care and support whilst pregnant or as new parents.

Hulda works closely with families to ensure they have realistic expectations of the birthing process and life with a new baby. Her warm and practical approach has made her invaluable to many families in Hong Kong on their first, second or even third babies.  Hulda's passion for natural birth is well known around town, but she also cares for parents with higher-risk pregnancies and births, coming from a background in Iceland where her mentors were specialists in making each birth a unique experience, regardless of circumstances.

Hulda has been a guest spot on RTHK where she gave advice to local parents.  She works within private and public healthcare systems in HK and is a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong School of Midwifery in the Prince of Wales Hospital.  In addition to this, she regularly attends and speaks at international conferences bringing the latest techniques and information back to Hong Kong for our benefit.   She is a valued member of the Hong Kong obstetric network and recently was a speaker at Hong Kong´s FOCUS conference, amongst other midwives and obstetricians from around the world.

Hulda is the mother of four children, two of which were born in Hong Kong.  Hulda has tried many different varieties of relaxation and pain management treatments, including medical and all-natural ones and has a very recent experience of going through labour and giving birth in the most natural and enjoyable way.   "Having had the best possible support during my own births and experiencing first hand how important this is, I decided to become a midwife in 1998.  Ever since then, it has been my passion to be of similar support to others". 

Hulda loves croissants, cheese, coffee, chocolate and adventure races. She is also known for her cryptic text messages, and for making up english words which keep us on our toes.


Dr. Robert Stevenson - specialist obstetrician & gynaecologist



Robert was born and brought up in Manchester, England apart from a three year period at school in Cape Town in the Republic of South Africa. He studied medicine at the Victoria University of Manchester and graduated Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery in July 1982. His interest in obstetrics and gynaecology was stimulated early on in his career and he became a member of the Royal college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in 1987. Post-membership training was undertaken in South Africa and Manchester.

He first came to work in private practice in Hong Kong in 1991 and he and his family continue to enjoy living and working here. He has been employed at International Doctors Limited since 1995 as a Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, offering Minimal Access Surgery, infertility, cervical pathology and obstetrical care and joining Annerley early in 2017. His special interest is the investigation and treatment of endometriosis.

He is a Fellow of the Hong Kong College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and has been elected as a Foundation Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (Obstetrics and Gynaecology). This Academy has been set up with the purpose of accrediting specialists in Hong Kong.

During the last 5 years he has set up the out-patient endoscopy units at the Matilda and Hong Kong Adventist Hospitals and have had a major role in organizing the Minimal Access Surgery capability at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. Robert is passionate about midwife-led care and to support women who choose to go public as well as private for their births, and the Nexus support package is designed by him and Hulda, our head midwife.

He has submitted his experience in hysteroscopic surgery and laparoscopic surgery to the Accreditation Council for Gynaecologic Endoscopy in USA for assessment and this has been examined and found satisfactory for membership.

This qualification is recognized by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology as qualifying for sub-specialty training in Minimal Access Surgery. 

He was a Deputy Chief of Service-Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital from January 2011 until July 2015.

In 2013 he completed a Masters degree in Gynaecological Endosopic Surgery at the University of Surrey, Guilford, UK.

His latest hobby is surf skiing. We are delighted to have Robert as a key member in our team. He brings us chocolate from the UK and we, in turn, sometimes provide him with lunch when he is running late.

Susan Pollard - midwife
registered midwife (HK, UK)
Teacher higher professional education UK
Lactation consultant IBCLC
I.T.E.C diploma holistic massage
Holds A.L.S.O. certificate

Susan is a UK trained midwife with nearly 9 years experience, eight of which were gained in the UK, and a final one at Matilda International Hospital on Victoria Peak. She has recently, again, passed her Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics and previous experience includes working in both hospital and community settings with final three years in the UK being at a Stand Alone Birthing Centre. She has a broad experience in midwifery and we are very pleased to have her as a valuable member of our team.

Sue's love of both chocolate, and her rabbit, is unparalleled. She is also an amazingly talented photographer - specialising in newborn and pregnancy work. Not surprisingly, many of our own clients have benefited from this!

Also, her middle name is Tracy.


Michelle Resco - midwife

registered nurse, R.N. (UK)
registered midwife, R.M. (UK, HK)
Lactation consultant IBLCE


Michelle has a wide experience in nursing and in midwifery care, and, for the past 17 years, has worked as a midwife both in hospital and healthcare in UK and Hong Kong, taking care of woman during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  

"It is fantastic and really a privilege to be able to work with the woman and her family through the whole childbearing process."  

Michelle is a mother of two children and lives with her family in Discovery bay. We are also delighted to have her here with us;  we will be benefiting from her extensive skill-set as well as her calm and gentle approach.

Since getting to know Michelle, we have discovered she has many talents - aside from midwifery - and these include hilarious lyric writing, singing, and creating amazing designs with foam on top of coffee.

Rosie Adams - midwife
registered midwife R.M. (UK, HK)

Rosie (Rosalind Adams) completed her midwifery training in London, UK in 2014 and has had a broad range of experience working on high-risk labour wards, natural birthing centres as well as community midwifery. She joined the Annerley team in January 2018 and prior to this spent 18 months working at the Matilda International Hospital on Victoria Peak.

Rosie is a passionate advocate of women-centred care and support throughout pregnancy and the postnatal experience.

Rosie slotted into our team seamlessly and we are very glad to have her with us.

Ailish Cotton - Practice Manager

3D/4D ultrasound

BSc physics with medical physics (uk)
BSc diagnostic radiography (uk)

Ailish qualified as a diagnostic radiographer in the UK and worked within the NHS before upping sticks and moving to Singapore with her teacher husband in 1998. She practised in Mount Elizabeth Hospital before having three children in quick succession. After moving to HK in 2005, she was very involved in the running of a kindergarten in Sai Kung before joining Annerley in 2013 as the Client Relationship Manager. Ailish now manages our practice and in her spare time, she loves to talk, eat, cook, bake, and sing and can occasionally be persuaded to play her fiddle. "Expecting and having your first child is such a unique and special time and it is a privilege to be a part of this with the couples we work with - I never take it for granted. I also had my children away from home and family, just like a lot of our clients, so I know how valuable this kind of support is. I am very fortunate to be able to work with an amazing team of like-minded people who go above and beyond every day."

Tamara Quinn - Obstetric Nurse

hypnobirthing® instructor
former obstetric nurse (canada)


Tamara is a Canadian trained obstetric nurse who joined Annerley in 2007 following her career in Canada, where she gained her degree in nursing in 2001.

After working in hospital programmes in Canada where usual methods to cope with pain were offered, Tamara found herself wanting to learn more about natural birth and how to inspire women to feel more in control during labour.   She therefore undertook training in Hypnobirthing when she came to Hong Kong, and has since then been guiding parents through this process to prepare for their births.Tamara is also involved in our breathing classes and Mum & Baby clinic, staying true to our Annerley ideal of continuity of care.

Tamara lives with her growing family in Discovery Bay. She is the mother of two little boys and having tested the Hypnobirthing and Hong Kong hospital system first hand, she now appreciates even more what an amazing  journey pregnancy and parenting is.  


Allison Heiliczer -- Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Consultant
PhD psychology (cand, aus)
MA counselling (aus)
MA cultural studies and management (aus)
BSc nutrition (usa)
The Gottman Institute: Level 1 &2, Couples and Addiction Recovery, Making Marriages Work, Treating Affairs and Trauma


Allison Heiliczer is a counsellor and psychotherapist from New York City who joined Annerley after her pregnancy and the birth of her child was aided by the wonderful women at Annerley six years ago.

Allison is passionate about working with both individuals and couples. She works with women and men navigating the decision to have a baby; fertility treatments; miscarriages and stillbirths; postnatal depression and anxiety; challenges at work and in relationships; and cultural challenges.

Allison is also deeply passionate about working with couples.  She is committed to understanding the unique language each couple speaks, and her work with couples far extends beyond improving communication -- she works towards building a solid team. She has specialty training working with couples deciding whether to marry, how relationships change after having a baby, working through trauma, affairs, and addictions; deciding whether to divorce; and cross-cultural couples.

In addition to her counselling work, Allison also teaches workshops for parents and domestic helpers and consults employers on the hiring and training of domestic helpers. 


Joyce Moir

registered nurse, R.N. (canada)

Joyce is a Canadian Registered nurse with 20 years' experience working in all areas of hospital inpatient and community nursing. A great deal of her skills stem from a strong background in Emergency nursing and teaching. She has a sound knowledge in CPR and Automated external defibrillation use and theory.

Joyce moved to Hong Kong in 2008, she has two children children both of which were born here in Hong Kong where she had her first and very pleasant experience in the public health system.

She has chosen the nursing profession as it has given her the freedom to explore many different areas during her career. Following the birth of her first child, Joyce felt that she missed her passion and went back to work as a critical care air ambulance nurse, and CPR instructor for an international operation based in Hong Kong.