Antenatal Checkup with a midwife

Routine checkup and consultation - 30 minutes - HK$950
Additional midwife ultrasound scan - HK$300

In co-operation with the services provided by private obstetricians or public hospitals, each appointment lasts 30 minutes and covers routine check-ups such as blood pressure, urine testing, blood pressure, weight and listening to the fetal heartbeat. An assessment of baby's size and position is made and the emotional and physical well-being of the mother is ensured. If complications are detected, the mother is referred to an obstetrician or to their public hospital. These check-ups are popular with parents who use the government system, but also want personalized care that is reasonably priced. 

Routine checkups can include ultrasounds upon request (HK$300 extra charge) or if the midwife feels it is needed. In line with professional guidelines about the use of ultrasound, we do not suggest that pregnant women have them for every checkup.   

If you are planning to give birth in a public hospital, the Best of Both package offers a convenient and supportive passage through the government system, where you do roughly half of your checkups in the government clinics and half with us at Annerley.  Our Nexus package is even more comprehensive and involves a specialist Obstetrician so that we can cover all of your antenatal care, so that you only need to go to the hospital two or three times before the birth. Please don't hesitate to ask us for details - Ailish is happy to meet you to discuss our packages with you.

Please bring any paperwork or information you may have about your pregnancy i.e. blood tests, ultrasound reports etc. 

Hopefully you will be happy and informed each time you leave our clinic.  

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HKD$ 950

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