Nexus - full private support for public hospital birth

This package is offered for those that wish to give birth in a government hospital but have almost all their antenatal and postnatal care done by our midwives and private obstetrician.  Approximately 3 visits to government clinics are needed to register and create your file, but then the care is split between the midwives and obstetricians at Annerley as per the attached schedule.  Your medical file is shared with you to provide to the government hospital staff.

Blood tests and ultrasounds are done at Annerley, including the 12w Down's syndrome screening (either a nuchal fold measurement (included) and OSCAR blood test (as standard) or NIPS (SafeT21 $8,500 or Panorama $7,800), and 20 week anomaly scan. One glucose tolerance blood test is done at Annerley at 28 weeks and also a GroupB streptococcus swab, at 36 weeks.  Otherwise, most of the appointments are so-called routine checkups, with urine, blood pressure, fetal heart beat and standard size and position estimation by palpation of the uterus.  Enough time is always given for questions and the emphasis is on personal care.  Partners are welcome to the checkups, and scans are done sparingly, but regularly if you wish, during the 9 months.

Nexus package includes:

8 routine 30-min antenatal clinic check-ups with your midwife
4 checkups with obstetrician including 12 and 20 week scans
Blood tests: pregnancy profile, OSCAR blood test, glucose tolerance test, bacterial screen (Strep B test), Ferritin (iron)
Antenatal course of your choice including one private birth planning session
1 Birth Breathing class
1 public hospital workshop
4 postnatal home visits with midwife
1 postnatal checkup and consultation (one hour) with your midwife 6 weeks after birth (referral to GP/OB/GYN if needed)
3 Mum & Baby clinic sessions

On call phone support for pregnancy, birth,  and the postnatal period. You will be added to a Whatsapp group with the midwives for support, questions and advice from 12 weeks pregnant to up to 8 weeks after the birth.

HK$43,868 paid upon booking the package. Non-refundable except in the sad case of loss.

Please contact us for bookings or further information - we are happy to meet with you privately to discuss this care with you. Email or call 29831558.

Classes and workshops are available according to our schedule. Appointments are necessary for all private consultations at home or in our office. Nexus Package holders are a priority at Annerley. This package is non-transferable and cannot be transferred to another person or to your second child. This package is always non-refundable, unless under very special circumstances (including miscarriage).


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