Postnatal Depression & Anxiety Support Group

Group session - 90 minutes - free of charge.
Alternate Fridays 12.30pm - 2.00pm - see dates on the right for scheduled sessions

How does having healthy boundaries shape one's experience after giving birth? The postnatal period represents both a challenging and fascinating time to revisit one's relationship with boundaries - with one's self, partner, family members, friends, anyone. Having healthy boundaries can be a powerful, influential force in a mother's life - one that allows her to shape her experiences authentically and engage with others in a way that respects her values.

We have the rare opportunity in Hong Kong on Friday, June 26th to engage with Randi Buckley, the extraordinary coach who runs "Healthy Boundaries for Kind People" and "Maybe Baby". Randi will join us virtually from California on Friday, the 26th from 12:30 to 2:00pm to discuss healthy boundaries during the postnatal period. (Spoiler alert - having healthy boundaries in the postnatal period is setting the stage for healthy boundaries throughout one's life.)

This is a zoom meeting (we will not be meeting in person) and attendance is free. Please sign up by emailing or me at or you can sign up here by clicking on the date June 26th option to the right of this page and we will send you the zoom invite. Bring your questions, your curiosity, and an open mind to start seeing boundaries in a unique, healthy, and kind light. 

Allison Heiliczer
Counsellor and Psychotherapist
Head of Corporate Psychology
OT&P Healthcare
6th Floor, Century Square, 1 D'Aguilar Street, Central

For women suffering from postnatal depression and/or anxiety - the goal here is for women to have a safe environment to explore emotions and also connect with others going through similar experiences.

Facilitated by our in-house therapist, psychotherapist Allison Heiliczer is very experienced in supporting women before and after giving birth.

Please let us know you're coming by booking online (click on the date on the right) or email us at . It's important that we know you're coming as we need two or women for this group to go ahead each time.

Women are welcome to bring either lunch or baby or both!

This setting is not suitable for those suffering postnatal psychosis which is not being clinically managed.

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