On-call phone support

This is a support we provide for the women we know during pregnancy and wish to have further assistance when in labour or after birth.

A private Whatsapp group between the couple and the midwives and used for help, support and advice during your pregnancy, around the time of labour and for up to 6 weeks after the birth.

The midwife will answer your Whatsapp message in a timely way during the day and if you need to speak urgently, you can call the on-call number.

Questions you may have during the pregnancy or  during the birth can be answered, and we use all the technology possible to make it as accurate as we can.  Support includes suggestions about positions, breathing, massage, when to go to hospital etc.  We may be on the phone for extended periods to provide this support to you.

Added value is indirect access to our Obstetric team via the midwives.

This remote on-call service  is in addition to all the normal routine care and we are able to provide it only because we know our patients well and have a history with them already. 

Cost: HKD$12,000 and only available for our clients who have a relationship with Annerley through our packages

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